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Khaloom City

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An Oasis in Khaloom


A collective of tribal clans in and around the Mosskel Desert. They have claimed residence in parts of the world too undesirable or dangerous for most people. Many disparate tribes banded together to share wealth in the last 200 years, such as the Wild Fey, the barbaric Clans of Urnas, and the Desert Dwarves. Primarily concerned with trade from the richer nations, they expand only when the opportunity arises. Riches and power are what motivate most Khaloomites. One can find anything he wants in the desert cities, for the right price. Slaves are openly bought and traded and are common in many households. Arranged marriages between Khaloom and other nations are common, only if it benefits both families.

Government: Tribal. An elder is decided upon by a council made up of the major tribes, and his/her merits are usually the deciding factor. Laws are lax and "officials" are known to frequently abuse their authority. In a bind, gold that is placed in the right hands can alter one's fate.

Religion: Khaloom places an emphasis on ancestor worship and totems in general, but religions can differ greatly between tribes. Native Khaloomites go on a pilgrimage to attain adulthood, and many count on the blessings of Fharlaghn to keep them safe.

Resources: Khaloom is the great trade mecca of the world. For this reason, they are mostly unbothered by conquest. Because of the harsh environment and competitive markets, many of the world's master smiths and artisans can be found here. There is even a city made of glass, Torsuul, whose buildings are strong as brick and whose craftsmen can build with just a strum of a magic lyre.

Forces: All manner of warriors, wizards, and shamen train for battle and to survive in Khaloom. The great tribes, when provoked, can unite as one powerful force. The Clans of Urnas boast strong barbarians and beast-riders. Hired mercenaries, however, perform the majority of guard and military duty, and are hardier and more ruthless than your average soldier. Hit-and-run tactics in the Desert are very common.

Magic: Spirit magic and divinations are prevalent, and there is a great emphasis on true names and lore. Magic-users are expected to use their gift to better the lives of their neighbors. The Keepers of Oasis are the spiritual leaders of the region and possess a great affinity for magic.

Population: Demographics vary due to the shifting structure of the tribes and the lack of any formal census.

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