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Capital Towers of Engonia

Silver Dragon by BenWootten

Ler'rad, monarch of the Kingdom


A society of mages and mystics who banded together over 1000 years ago to combine their ancient knowledge. Their cities are rare hybrids of magic and technology, connected by portals, with wild architectural designs and permanent light spells illuminating the streets at night, hence the kingdom's name. The capital towers of Engonia are a spectacle to behold and house the Grande University Arcana and also the Royal Aerie. There is nothing taller, be it mountain or building, in the realm. Legend has it that Boccob, god of magic, constructed the towers from the sky downward.

The Kingdom also is home to the Necropolis of Athasmoor, where prince and pauper alike bury their dead or donate their bodies for study by wizards and diviners. A center of culture, the Kingdom of Ten Thousand is very integrated and enlightened, and are open to receiving citizens from all races and walks of life. Non-magic users used to be looked down upon, but after the centuries-long war with Oritannia, their usefulness and numbers are now appreciated.

Government: Magocracy/Feudalistic. The king is an elder Silver Dragon named Ler'rad. He frequently assumes human form to get first-hand opinions from his subjects. He has an advisory council made up from archmagi of the different schools of magic. The governing body is primarily concerned with the pursuit of knowledge and protecting its borders and its populace. However, there is a frightening legion of Arbiters who act as judge, jury, and executioner to the law of the council when extreme measures are needed. Ler'rad's Aerie forms the center of the Capitol Towers, and is a maze-like, impenetrable fortress which scrapes the sky. The regions of the Kingdom are divided into Baronies and Dukedoms, each held by a master of magic.

Religion: Religion has little importance to the citizens of Ten Thousand, save for neutral gods such as Fharlaghn, Obad-Hai, and of course Boccob. Most people strive to learn and find answers as opposed to relying on faith.

Resources: A major exporter of magical goods and services for most major areas. Also famed for metallurgy and construction. Permanent teleportation circles make it easy to set up trade routes to civilized areas.

Forces: The bulk of their armies are made from spellcasters of all kinds, but primarily wizards. They are also supplemented by Dragonriders and the terrifying Arbiters, as well. Usually when someone is foolhardy enough to invade a Kingdom land, the battle is over before it even begins.

Population: Integrated -- 37% human, 20% halfling, 18% elf, 10% dwarf, 7% gnome, 5% half-elf, 2% half-orc, 1% other

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