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The tenets of Heironeous are contained in the Book of the Code, an outline of chivalric duty for The Invincible's followers. It contains three chapters:

The Book of the CodeEdit

1.Duty to the People

This chapter teaches one to have courage; practice justice, mercy, and valor; protect the weak; and show faithfulness to superiors in the church.

2.Duty to the Arch-Paladin

This part of the Code reminds followers to practice obedience to Heironeous and the church, to be generous, to defeat evil wherever it stands, and emphasizes the needs of the church over the needs of one's mortal life.

3.Duty to a Lady

This chapter talks of courtly love, devotion, and respect towards woman-kind.

The Book of the Code is a free document handed out at churches of Heironeous and also in public. Temples to the Valorous Knight are built of reinforced walls (and can double as a small fortress if needed), and are decorated with trappings of blue and silver. Stained glass windows are prevalent, depicting the Arch-Paladin and his battles against evil forces. Church service consists of battle hymns, offerings of coin and items, and feasting. The Tests of Valor are rites of passage for his faithful, and can be anything from abstinence to feats of battle-prowess.

Low-ranking followers of Heironeous are called the Blessed. Rank within the church is awarded based on Tests of Valor, with a militaristic sensibility. From the Blessed comes a Knight Gallant, Knight Courageous, Knight Valiant, and Champion of Glory. Full priests of the Arch-Paladin are called the Glorious, and the organization is referred to as the Valorous Host. Paragons are high-ranking church officials, and Paragon-Generals lead the armies of the Invincible into battle. The Order of the Glory Everlasting are a rare sect of fighting-monks who take a somewhat different approach to Heironeous's teachings.

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