the legendary Oritannian Plain

City of fantasy map by TheGecko

Aiel, capital of Oritannia


The Celestial Empire of Oritannia is the largest global power with many far-reaching colonies. Legend has it that the capital city, Aiel, is one of the first cities known to exist, if not the first, and no-one living or dead has proven otherwise. The Empire controls 60% of the world's land-mass, and would have world domination if the other kindgdoms did not stand as rivals.

Government: Monarchy. The twelfth emperor Xagrim IV is believed to be a blood descendant of Heironeus and is revered as a god among his people. His word is law and his ambition is limitless, his followers devout.

Religion: In general, all gods are respected and feared-- shrines and temples to almost every deity can be found in most major cities. Citizens pray to many gods, if any, but there is an increasing philosophy of reliance on the self instead of gods. These nonbelievers are called the Daggers, and some are arrogant enough to fashion themselves gods.

Resources: Oritannia's lands are fertile and mostly temperate, and through conquest has control over numerous mines, farmlands, and ports. Taxation is strictly enforced (approx. 1/5 income) and for the most part the money goes to causes such as construction, the militias and armies, and keeping the people fed and happy.

Forces: Naturally, Oritannia's army is the largest in the known world. Morale is typically high, and units diversify with compliments of mages, bards, and archers. The Imperial Battlemages and cavalry regiments are feared across the land. There is an organized militia in place for defense and keeping order during martial times.

Magic: The use of magic other than small cantrips typically requires a license, and destructive or malicious spells are strictly forbidden in public, with punishment ranging from the pillory or flogging to death. Rumors circulate about secret research into a magical weapon of great artifice. There is a mages' tower in many cities, and the guild keeps a bevy of defense-related magic items well-protected.

Population: Mixed -- 79% human, 9% halfling, 5% elf, 3% dwarf, 2% gnome, 1% half-elf, 1% half-orc

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