Old Man s Hut by kaburan

a hut in Purik

Purik is a small village in the Kingdom of Magic, close to the borders of Khaloom, nestled in the foothills therein.


The inhabitants of Purik hold a very different set of beliefs; it is thought that the pantheon of gods is actually separate fragments of one true god.

Purik burial customs are also interesting because a part of the deceased, such as a finger bone or other small body part, is kept (usually on the person) so that they are remembered and are considered 'always with' their descendants.

Needless to say, due to the close proximity to the schools of magic and their strong determination to explore the mysteries of death and the afterlife, Purik has produced many brilliant and accomplished necromancers over the years such as Tenzin Sekkim, who grew up there.

A Casualty of WarEdit

In Autumn of the year 956AA, the entire village of Purik disappeared without a trace, and only by the visions of Zerash was their fate divined -- someone controlling spiders (from swarms of tiny arachnids to a hunter-queen the size of a mountain) directed them to capture the entire village with webs and haul them off to an unknown planar destination. A note left on the village elder's door read:

"You strike at my allies, I strike at yours;

You convert my allies, I convert yours;

You will always be hunted;

Nowhere you step will be safe."

It was assumed that Magnus Wrex, angry over the defeat of several of his allies, decided to turn his attention to the families and loved ones of the party so that no-one would feel safe in their presence.