The Drow elf named Henerrod was encountered by the Seven in their quest to retrieve valuable documents from the lost city of

Zyrmeus . He was not killed but rather spared in order to gain trust and valuable information.

A Different Sort of DrowEdit

When the Seven ventured into the ever-changing ruins of Zyrmeus to find lost documents for Telemnar's House Mosdyn, they encountered many strange astral phenomena and creatures of chaos. They also came across a group of dark elves led by the charismatic Henerrod, who was also searching for lost relics.

A fight nearly broke out immediately before the diplomatic words of Alrick and Henerrod put calm to the situation. It seemed that Henerrod, branded a traitor by his people for his forward thinking, was sent there on a quest of redemption (and possibly suicide). He and his men were to retrieve a copy of the Book of Shadow, which told of a prophecy that included a solar eclipse, heralding the time of the Under-races to return to the surface world and wage a great war. Henerrod and his men were allowed to live as long as they did not impede the progress of the Seven in their search. The men with Henerrod were by nature evil, but under his influence and on the path to being changed. Unfortunately they did not see his reasoning and tried to stop the party as they ventured into the final chamber, the Hidden Library.

With his men easily beaten, Henerrod surrendered but was allowed to live, under the care of the Heironeans in Telemnar. He realized that there was no returning to the Underdark unless it included his death. Since then he has lived in a gilded cage of sorts, teaching others of magical theory and interpreting prophecy while under close supervision. He may yet be counted as a valuable ally in the war against the Drow, as he feels no empathy for their deceitful ways.


Henerrod is somewhat tall for a dark elf, with long silver hair and stern features. He wears robes of fine spider-silk and arcane symbols. He is relatively approachable despite his lineage, and welcomes conversation. It is said that he is grateful to be alive after the events of Zyrmeus and has a new lease on life.