Paladin Concept by liquidology

Emperor Xagrim IV

The Emperor of Oritannia, Uthor Xagrim IV, is the divine monarch and ruler of 60% of the known world. Descended from a long line of kings, Xagrim has earned the respect of his followers not from bloodline, but from deed. He has on numerous occasions halted plans to put the world in peril, and through manifest destiny extended the borders of Oritannia all the way into the north-lands and the Havens of the Orient.

Xagrim is believed by his subjects to be of direct blood-relation to Heironeous, the Archpaladin.


Xagrim IV was born to Emperor Tagastis Xagrim III and Empress Lucitana, who died when he was very young. He was raised by his father who was very stern, grooming Uthor to carry on the bloodline from childhood. He had no brothers or sisters, although rumors circulate that his father had many an illicit affair. His only friend growing up was Magnus Jarvo, who was believed to have perished in an accident while the two were mountain-climbing. This grieved him very much, and it took many years for him to grow outward socially.

Uthor was fascinated by wars and strategy, and from a young age showed an interest in small and large scale tactics. Forbidden to enter the army, he secretly went on adventures with other school-mates and found a name for himself defending the weak, despite his father's wishes. Eventually legends were born of the Prince Who Stood for the People, and after reluctantly claiming the throne, he was revered by his people to the point of near-godhood


The Emperor stands well over 6 feet tall and is powerfully built for his middle age. He has long, blonde hair, keen eyes and a chiseled jawline. He wears a suit of golden plate, passed down for generations and fuctional as well as ceremonial. His sword and shield never leave his side. He also wears a circlet of sapphire, a magical relic given to him by his late mother.

Xagrim carries himself with purpose and abundant confidence, and does not fear death (despite the advice of his advisors), only the decline of his people.