Vecna by jdillon82

Vecna, God of Secrets

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Welcome to the codex for Isaac's d&d campaigns, set in the world of Vanarth, a realm of high fantasy! Campaign info and detailed articles on NPC's, places, and events can be found here. Our official Yahoo group page is called "dnd123." This wiki is a work in progress :)

The Seven Marked Ones; War of the Drow; The Time of Uncertainty

Seven adventurers from different walks of life have been brought together by a common birthmark, which now is appearing across the land, seemingly marking people for something grand. Foul monsters and agents of destruction have surfaced, ignored since the start of a centuries-long war between the major nations. They are seemingly allied with each other in a bid to re-write the world's history. Rumors point to an unholy pact between the forgotten dark elves, the followers of evil gods and dragons, and corrupt officials.

War is brewing -- a war which has not been seen on this scale since the War of Ages, in which the adolescent world was almost destroyed by its own champions in a clash of beliefs. The Seven, led by a chosen soul of the gods, walk the path that legends say lead to godly knowledge and power, while at the same time an insane black knight is walking a different path, garnering deals with devils and opening gates to hellish worlds unlike any other.

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