The Kingdom of Magic, or Ten-Thousand Suns, is home to many baronies and dukedoms led by master magicians. The majority of places here reflect a Neutral bent, and have many eccentricities.


Home to the Necropolis of Athasmoor, the Kingdom's most notable Necromancy academy. The halls are built from bones of many different species; nobles and mages willingly donate their bodies regularly for study and for building materials. Also the poor receive a sizable discount for burying their dead here, and meticulous care is given to perform the cultural funerary rites. There are many hidden catacombs and places of secret knowledge and magic power.

Tree of ManaEdit

More of a holy site than a city, the Tree of Mana (or World Tree) is a nexus of geomantic power and is studied by druidic casters worldwide. The tree is several hundred feet high and has a diameter equal to a small city. Unbridled growth of flora and fauna surrounds the entire area, and the roots alone are big enough to house small shelters and tents for those who wish to study here. People venture here from all over the countryside to visit the legendary tree and search for the Pilgrims' Path site.