City of fantasy map by TheGecko

Aiel and surroundings

Aiel is considered the oldest city in the world, and many great civilizations have built upon its foundation. Circular in nature, the metropolis-sized city is divided by curving roads and high walls, especially in the noble quarter. The capital city of Oritannia is sustained by rich farmlands preceding it for miles, as well as mines and a large port.


Surrounded by a 15-ft. thick, 50ft. tall fortified stone wall (AC 3, hardness 8, 1170HP per 10-ft. section, climb DC 30)

Walls house numerous watchtowers, 80ft. tall, with a 75ft. diameter and light catapults.

Population: well over 30,000. Guard detail is over 300 at any time, and at least 1500 militia stand ready for duty.

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Regent: Duke Garn.


Aiel Castle

The residence of the Emperor lies in a floating castle upon an island, thousands of feet into the air, held fast by an indestructible chain of which each link is 50 feet in diameter. A grand palace lies within, accessible only by those who fly.


The temple district houses holy sites to all deities save for Vecna, Hextor, and Nerull, although secret worship sites for these gods are rumored to exist. The Heironean temple is a well-fortified keep which is involved with troop training. The temple of Kord is a great arena. The Pelorian temple is trimmed with alabaster and gives services to the poor. Most notably, the temple of Boccob is an actual pyramid which houses many secret chambers and extra-dimensional spaces within.