The Seven were brought together by their True Crescent birthmarks, glowing in the presence of an Aberrant Portal. These portals have been seen everywhere, and seem to be increasing in number. The only portals seen by the Seven have been one-way gates to fiendish planes of existence.


The process to create an Aberrant Portal is unknown, but involves a Dark Sphere and presumably some ritual or additional item. Once the portal is created, which can be almost anywhere, it is linked to the sphere in that if the sphere is destroyed, the portal closes. The sphere must stay within a certain range or risk losing the connection which keeps it open.

It is assumed that two-way portals could be made with the spheres, but only one-way portals have been witnessed, unless perhaps it is only designated one-way to Material Plane beings.

Aberrant portals have ignored the basic principles of gateways between worlds, in that they are not naturally occurring, are not found within doorways or other entrances, and do not take on the properties of the chosen plane. They are considered an abomination of magic.

Known PortalsEdit

  • One outside the Mines of Morko allowed many undead to roam freely across the lands of Oritannia.
  • A large portal over the Market Square in Aiel brought forth a hydra with which to terrorize the citizens.
  • A portal next to the Linwèlin Forest was used by Magnus and a squadron of Acheron ogres and bakemono to lay siege to the Sylvan Folk.
  • A portal was found inside the ruins of Zyrmeus, but was closed in a collapse.
  • One was found inside the Tree of Mana, which presumably allowed one of the Gorgon Sisters and her pet Abyssal Basilisk to catch the Seven in a trap.